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Koopalings Coloring Pages

The Koopalings, or Koopa Kids, is a group of seven fictional characters from the Super Mario video game series. Each Koopaling has a unique appearance and fighting style. They often act as bosses at various levels throughout the Super Mario series, challenging players with distinct abilities and attacks. Koopalings have become popular and recognizable characters in the Mario series, appearing in numerous games, spin-offs, and other media adaptations. The popularity of these video games has led to a massive demand from our readers for Koopalings coloring pages. So finally – here are some new and exciting Super Mario Bros character printable sheets you can color for free.

Top Brand Koopalings Coloring Pages – Free Print And Color!

1. Koopa Troopa From Super Mario Bros

Koopa armies are characterized by their distinctive green or red shells and their ability to retreat into their shells for protection. In their basic form, they walk or jump around floors, often in a simple fashion. If Mario or Luigi jumps on them, they will retract into the shell and can be kicked or thrown at other enemies. This mechanic has become a staple in Mario games, allowing players to defeat enemies or reach hidden areas. This coloring page shows one of the seven characters from the Koopa Troopa. The skin of this turtle will be yellow, and the color of the shoes and shell will be red or green. You can choose the right color to create your unique picture of the Koopa Troopa character.

2. Koopa Troopa Wears Accessories

We have some Koopalings coloring pages in a skull mask pose or a warrior’s shirt. This is not the official style of the characters in the Koopa Troopa squad, but you can refer to them to create more styles for them. You can combine shades of armor, such as metallic gray, dark blue, or green. Traditional skull mask options include white, gray, or bone-like colors.

3. Cute Roy Koopa

The Koopalings coloring pages feature a representation of Roy Koopa, emphasizing cuteness. Roy Koopa is one of Bowser’s children and has appeared as a boss or playable character in various Mario games.
In describing Roy Koopa as “cute,” artists or fans can modify his appearance to make him likable, charming, or attractive. This may involve exaggerating certain features or making them softer and more rounded. For example, make his eyes more prominent, give him a friendlier smile, or simplify the design to emphasize his appealing qualities. Kids can also use bright and vibrant colors, pale tones, or a softer palette to increase the overall cuteness.

4. Lemmy Koopa 

Lemmy Koopa is one of seven siblings who are children of Bowser. He is known for his mischievous and playful personality. Lemmy has a single large, colorful feather that protrudes from the top of her head. The coat is often described as vibrant and can come in various colors, such as red, yellow, or blue. It adds to Lemmy’s distinct and whimsical appearance, helping him to better distinguish between the Koopalings.
Lemmy Koopa has appeared in the Koopalings coloring pages as a boss in several Super Mario games, usually as a mid-level or castle boss. His boss battles often involve unique mechanics or challenges that showcase his playful nature. Lemmy is known for her acrobatic abilities and has been used to juggle balls or perform other circus-inspired tricks in battles.

5. Larry Koopa

Larry is depicted as a small turtle-like creature with green hair, a white jumpsuit, and a blue shell. Larry is often described as the youngest and most energetic of the group. He is known for his high-pitched voice, acrobatic moves, and the ability to shoot magical blasts from his wand.

6. Wendy Koopa

Like Larry Koopa, Wendy is one of the children of Bowser, the series’ main antagonist. She has pink skin and long wavy hair. Wendy Koopa is often depicted wearing a bow on her head and bracelets on her wrists. Wendy’s battle occurs in a castle; she attacks by throwing rings and performing various acrobatics.
Although Wendy often takes on the villain as a villain, similar to other Koopalings, her personality can change slightly between games. Our printable coloring page portrays the character Wendy as sassy and ​​confident. However, in other cases, she may display a more playful or mischievous nature.

7. Ludwig Koopa

In our Koopalings coloring page, Ludwig holds a bracelet and magic wand and dances to the music. In Super Mario Bros, Ludwig is depicted as a tall lanky Koopa with blue hair and a distinctive bun. He wears a white jumpsuit and blue seashells. Ludwig has distinct personalities and traits, such as musical talent and a love for conducting. In some games, Ludwig can attack by shooting fireballs or performing acrobatic moves. 

8. Morton Koopa

Morton is a large and muscular Koopa with a mohawk hairstyle and a distinctive star-shaped birthmark on his face. He wears a white jumpsuit and has a blue shell. Like the other Koopalings, he acts as a boss in different worlds throughout the game. During battles, Morton can attack by stomping on the ground, causing shock waves, or throwing projectiles.

9. Iggy Koopa

Iggy has become a recognizable character in the Super Mario franchise with his quirky personality, distinctive looks, and mischievous antics. He is depicted as a lanky Koopa with wild multicolored hair. He wears glasses, wears white overalls, and has a green cover. Iggy Koopa’s hair is often depicted as a vibrant green. It was styled in a wild, sloppy style, with strands of hair sticking out in various directions. Iggy’s hair color and hairstyle contribute to his eccentric look, reflecting his dynamic and unpredictable personality.

10. Seven Koopa Troopa’s Siblings

We have some coloring pages about all the siblings of the Koopa Troopa. You can show your child and name each character. It is essential to recognize the distinctive features of each Koopalings and color them accordingly.

Koopalings Coloring Pages – Which will you choose?

This is a cute collection of free Koopalings coloring pages for kids, and we hope you had a scary time coloring these! Coloring is fun, but it’s even more fun when you share pages with others to enjoy. You’ll end the process well if you share some of your finished pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.


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