Since everyone, especially kids, loves the adorable little mushroom head figure, here are some unique free printable Toadette coloring pages. Toadette is a charming and distinctive character in the Super Mario series, recognized for her unique design and positive personality traits. Toadette is often depicted as a female counterpart to the iconic Toad character of the Mushroom Kingdom. She has the same physical features as Toad, such as having a mushroom hat, a cheerful expression, and a friendly demeanor. However, Toadettes are often distinguished by their pink tones and additional feminine features.

With our coloring pages, kids can bring Toadette to life and express their creativity by choosing their favorite colors and adding their unique artistic touch. This can be a fun activity for Toadette fans or anyone who enjoys coloring and showing off their imagination.

Toadette Coloring Pages – Best Printables

The best Toadette coloring pages on show various expressions and poses of the characters. All of them are free to download, print, and share as many times as you want.

1. Toadette Super Mario

Toadette has a mushroom-like hat on her head. Toadette wore a sleeveless vest that reached her waist. Toadette’s hair is usually braided into two braids. Her eyes have a bright, happy expression, reflecting her friendly and cheerful personality. This coloring page helps children have a more fundamental look at the Toadette character’s appearance. Coordinating colors on her outfit or braids will help children improve their concentration and drawing ability.

toadette supermario

2. Toadette Princess

This coloring page of our design Toadette in princess look. Toadette wears a small tiara on her head and wears a dress with puffy and ruffled sleeves. Toadette’s princess expression often reflects grace and royalty. Her eyes can look more serene, and her overall demeanor can convey elegance.

Coloring pages featuring Toadette as a princess can inspire kids to create stories and adventures. They can imagine Toadette playing the princess, her interactions with other characters, and the magical world she inhabits. This encourages creative thinking and storytelling skills.

toadette princess

3. Lovely Toadette

We designed some Toadette printable pages in a lovely style. For example, in the image below, Toadtte is in an excited pose with a squinted eye and a gentle smile that conveys cuteness and childishness. Her braids have more pattern detail. Toadette coloring in a lovely style allows children to express their feelings and emotions. They can choose colors they associate with beauty and cuteness, reflecting their aesthetic preferences. This provides an outlet for emotional expression and allows children to connect with the character personally and meaningfully. Coloring in a lovely style gives children a sense of accomplishment and boosts self-confidence. Completing the coloring page and seeing the beautiful results strengthened their belief in their abilities and raised their self-esteem. They take pride in their creation and feel satisfied.

Lovely Toadette

4. Toad and Toadette

Toad and Toadette are two Super Mario Bros characters and both Toad species. They are often seen as friendly and loyal characters supporting Mario’s adventures. The coloring page below depicts Toad and Toadette close together. Toadette still wears her iconic outfit, with a mushroom hat on her head and her hair braided on both sides. Her expression is pleased as she smiles with wide eyes. And Toad’s eyes widened in surprise. Coloring the intricate details of Toad and Toadette requires precise hand movement and coordination. Children develop fine motor skills by holding and manipulating coloring tools to stay within lines and add intricate designs. This enhances their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Toad and Toadette

5. Happy Toadette

In many Mario illustrations, Toadette is shown with a bright smile, bright eyes, and cheerful expression. Her upbeat and enthusiastic personality adds charm and makes her a beloved character among fans. Toadette’s happiness is often reflected in her joyful dancing. The description of Happy Toadette may vary slightly between games and artwork, but the basic theme remains the same. These sheets bring a positive spirit to children when choosing to color.

Happy Toadette

6. Crying Toadette

Although Toadette is often seen with a smile, she can experience various emotions like any other character. Toadette is depicted with a sad and tearful expression on this coloring page. Crying Toadette can be depicted with teary eyes, an upturned mouth, and visible tears. This avatar conveys her sadness or suffering, adding a layer of deep emotion to the character. However, it is essential to note that these circumstances are often temporary, as Toadette is known for her resilient and cheerful nature.

Crying Toadette

Which Toadette Coloring Pages Will You Choose?

Kids’ best Toadette coloring pages ultimately depend on their tastes and preferences. Consider their age, artistic abilities, and what they like about Toadette and the Mario franchise when choosing coloring pages. Offer various options that can keep them engaged and allow them to explore their creativity. You can select one or more Toadette printable pages to download and print for your child to color. You can refer to the Bowser, Toad, or Princess Daisy coloring page collections with the Super Mario Bros game character theme. These coloring pages can be based on various poses or actions, allowing children to explore different backgrounds and settings. 

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