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Our website is the right choice if you are looking for the best quality Super Mario Odyssey Coloring Pages. Super Mario Odyssey is often considered one of the best Mario games and is loved by fans of all ages. Super Mario Odyssey captures a special place in our hearts with lovable new characters like Cappy, old favorites like Mario and Luigi, and a gripping storyline. The game received widespread critical acclaim for its innovative gameplay, vast world, and captivating characters. It is commended for its innovative design, stunning visuals, and catchy soundtrack.

At Coloringpagesonly.com, we’ve curated the best free printable Super Mario Odyssey coloring pages collection. Our collection includes all the children’s favorite characters, including Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Cappy. Let’s look at the descriptions of some of the best coloring pages below.

Super Mario Odyssey Coloring Pages: Children’s favorite typical characters

1. Mario 

In Super Mario Odyssey, Mario is the protagonist and a player-controlled character. He embarks on a grand adventure to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario has kept his iconic look intact, wearing his signature red hat, blue overalls, and red shirt. However, Mario gains a new ability in this game through his companion, Cappy. Mario’s goal is to rescue Princess Peach, who Bowser has kidnaped. Along the way, he must face various obstacles, fight enemies, and explore captivating worlds filled with secrets and surprises.

2. Cockatiel 

In the setting of Super Mario Odyssey, the Cockatiel is a giant bird-like creature with a chef’s hat and a frying pan. It is seen in the Kingdom of Lunch, which Mario visits during his adventures. The battle against Cockatiel occurs on a volcano-like platform surrounded by boiling lava. Cockatiel attacks by throwing frying pans and launching fireballs at Mario. Including Cookatiel in Super Mario Odyssey adds variety and fun to the gameplay experience. It showcases the game’s creativity and imagination in designing unique boss characters and encounters in the various kingdoms Mario explores.

3. Cappy 

In Super Mario Odyssey, Cappy is the protagonist and faithful companion of Mario throughout his adventures. Including Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey adds a fresh and innovative gameplay element. The Cappy is a sentient hat that Mario encounters at the start of the game and becomes an integral part of the gameplay mechanics. Cappy’s design is a white ghost-like hat with big eyes and a grin. It can take on many forms, such as a hood or a wide-brimmed hat, depending on the situation or the goal of possession.

4. Bullet Bill 

Bullet Bill is a recurring enemy Mario encounters throughout his adventures in Super Mario Odyssey. Bullet Bills are large black bullets shaped like bullets with menacing eyes and expressions. They are usually propelled forward by a blast of energy or from cannons. Bullet Bills are known for their high speed and relentless pursuit of Mario. Once launched, they will fly straight, aiming to collide with Mario and deal damage. They can be pretty tricky to avoid, requiring quick reflexes and precise movements to avoid them.

5. Bowser 

Like in Super Mario Bros, Bowser is the main antagonist and target of Mario’s adventures in Mario Odyssey. Bowser is a large, powerful, and majestic villain known for her ability to breathe fire and her desire to marry Princess Peach against her will. In this new game, Bowser takes on a new look, wearing a white tuxedo and a headdress decorated with Cappy, Mario’s companion. This unique outfit fits the game’s wedding theme, as Bowser’s ultimate goal is to marry Princess Peach.

6. Yoshi 

Yoshi is a beloved character in the Super Mario series and appeared in Super Mario Odyssey. In the game, Yoshi is found in a secret area called the Mushroom Kingdom, which can be unlocked after completing the main story. To access Yoshi in Super Mario Odyssey, you must collect Power Moons to power up the Odyssey starship. Once you’ve collected enough Power Moons, you can fly the Odyssey to the Mushroom Kingdom. Once there, you can find Yoshi on the roof of Peach’s Castle.

7. Topper

Topper is one of the Broodals, a group of boss characters in Super Mario Odyssey. Topper is the smallest member of the Broodals, but he is known for his speed and agility. He wears a purple top hat and a tuxedo. He is the first Broodal Mario meets in the game and acts as the boss of the Cascade Kingdom. Topper’s appearance in Super Mario Odyssey adds variety to the boss battles and provides memorable encounters with the Broodals, who act as recurring villains throughout the game’s storyline.

The Best Super Mario Odyssey Coloring Pages For Kids

With Mario Odyssey coloring pages, kids can experiment with different colors and create unique designs for their favorite characters. This process enhances their artistic skills and allows them to express themselves creatively. Coloring requires precision and control of small movements, helping children develop fine motor skills. Holding and controlling coloring tools, such as crayons or crayons, strengthens the muscles of the hands and fingers, improving dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Kids can color the Super Mario Odyssey pages with their friends, siblings, or parents, promoting social interaction, cooperation, and communication. It provides an opportunity to network and create shared experiences.

In addition to the avatars of each of our favorite Super Mario Odyssey characters, we also have other fun coloring pages. You can see some pictures below to make the best choice for your child:

Mario And Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey

Mario And Cappy

Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Odyssey

Mario and Luigi 

Mario Odyssey Mario and Cappy

Mario Odyssey Mario and Cappy

Mario on a Motorbike

Mario on a Motorbike

Which Will Choose Super Mario Odyssey Coloring Pages?

Super Mario Odyssey coloring pages are generally suitable for children who are fans of the Super Mario franchise or the Super Mario Odyssey game. Children of different age groups can enjoy these coloring pages, but they are trendy among young children, usually between the ages of 4 and 10. Children who have played with or are familiar with Super Mario Odyssey have You will probably appreciate the coloring pages featuring their favorite characters and scenes from the game. These printable pages can also appeal to kids who enjoy adventure and puzzle games because Super Mario Odyssey combines these elements. In addition, children who want coloring activities, regardless of whether they are familiar with the game or not, may also find the Super Mario Odyssey coloring pages engaging. Colorful and recognizable characters, such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser, and vivid and imaginative backgrounds, can capture the attention of young artists.

It’s worth noting that the complexity of coloring pages can vary, from simpler designs for younger children to more elaborate and detailed illustrations for older children. This allows kids of different ages and skill levels to find the right coloring challenges in Mario Odyssey coloring sheets.

Let your kids immerse themselves in Super Mario Odyssey and adventure with their favorite characters. These fantastic coloring pages are free to download, print and share now. In addition, you can refer to printable pages about characters like Bowser, Wario, or Princess Daisy to own more unique paintings for yourself.

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