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Mario Kart Coloring Pages

Get ready for an exciting experience with our 30 Mario Kart coloring pages, all free to download, print and share. These sheets bring fun for fans of all ages to interact with one of the most popular racing games in video game history and relive some of the most thrilling moments on the track.

Mario Kart is a series of popular racing video games developed and published by Nintendo. It features various characters from the Super Mario series racing against each other in go-karts on different tracks. It has gained immense popularity and become the favorite game of children and adults.

From classic characters like Mario and Luigi to newer characters like Bowser and Rosalina, our prints offer a fun opportunity to show off your child’s artistic skills as they explore the vibrant world of Mario Kart’s moves.

Best Printables of 30 Mario Kart Coloring Pages 

These are just ideas; you can get creative in designing custom coloring pages to capture the excitement and fun of the Mario Kart game. Custom coloring pages can be an excellent way for kids to interact with their favorite characters and express their creativity. Here are 9 of our 30 most iconic Mario Kart coloring pictures.

1. Mario And Racing Car 

The “Mario and Racing Car” coloring page depicts the iconic character Mario standing beside his racing car, ready for an exhilarating race. Kids can use their coloring tools to add color to Mario, his clothes, and the racing car. Mario is known for his red hat, blue overalls, and mustache, which can be colored in respective shades. Race cars can be designed with vibrant colors like red, blue, or yellow to look eye-catching. Coloring “Mario and Racing Car” allows kids to interact with their favorite game characters and enjoy the thrill of racing. It stimulates their imagination as they envision themselves participating in thrilling races alongside Mario. They can explore different color combinations and experiment with their artistic choices.

mario and racing car in mario-kart

2. Luigi from Mario Kart

The “Luigi from Mario Kart” coloring page will feature Luigi, Mario’s brother, in his racing outfit and ready for an exciting race in the Mario Kart series. He is depicted holding the wheel of his kart racing car with determination and enthusiasm. Kids can use their coloring tools to add paint to Luigi, his clothes, and the racing car. They can choose shades of green for Luigi’s outfit, highlighting the distinctive features of his hat and overalls. The racing kart can be colored in various vibrant colors, making it look eye-catching and exciting. Coloring this picture allows children to interact with a beloved character and immerse themselves in the thrilling world of racing. They can explore different color combinations and express their creativity while bringing Luigi to life. It encourages them to pay attention to details and refine their coloring skills.

Luigi from Mario Kart

3. Donkey Kong Drives A Racing Car

Donkey Kong, the strong and lovable Super Mario Bros character, is in a racing car. In his hand, he held a turtle shell with a resolute expression on his face. Donkey Kong is known for his muscular body, brown coat, and red tie. Race cars can be designed with colorful colors and racing car decals to look eye-catching and exciting. Children can use their coloring tools to add color to Donkey Kong, his fur, and the race car. They can experiment with shades of brown to reveal the details of Donkey Kong’s coat and features. The racing car can be painted in bold and vibrant colors, giving it a sporty and energetic look. This coloring sheet allows children to interact with their favorite characters and unleash their creativity. They can experiment with different color combinations and textures to personalize and make the coloring page unique. It encourages them to pay attention to details and improve their coloring skills.

donkey kong drives a racing Kart

4. Princess Peach Mario Kart

In this coloring page, Princess Peach, the elegant and brave princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, is depicted as an adept racer in Mario Kart. She can be shown wearing her signature dress, golden crown, and flowing hair. Princess Peach is sitting on a kart, showing her determination and competitive spirit. Kids can choose vibrant shades of pink for Princess Peach’s dress, highlighting intricate details and textures. They can also dye her hair and accessories with gold shades to accentuate her regal look. 

The “Peach Princess Mario Kart” coloring page allows children to interact with a strong female character from the Mario world. They can express their creativity and imagination, experiment with different color combinations and create a personal and unique coloring page. It encourages children to develop coloring skills and attention to detail.

Princess Peach Mario Kart

5. Cool Princess Daisy

Our coloring page portrays Princess Daisy as an optimistic and energetic personality. She appeared in a leather bodysuit and rode a motorcycle, showing her confident and relaxed style. Children can choose a vibrant orange color for Princess Daisy’s hair when coloring, creating a highlight. They can also choose bold and fashionable colors for their outfit, such as shades of yellow, green, or white, giving a trendy and cool look. This coloring page allows children to learn about confidence and individuality and embrace the uniqueness of each person. It can spark conversations about self-expression, fashion, and staying true to yourself. Through coloring, children can develop confidence and appreciation of their style.

Cool Princess Daisy

6. Yoshi from Mario Kart

This coloring page depicts Yoshi as an accomplished racer dressed in racing gear and equipped with a trusty motorcycle. Yoshi is known for his cheerful and friendly nature. He is ready to show his agility and speed on the track. Kids can choose vibrant shades of green for Yoshi’s iconic dinosaur skin, making him instantly recognizable. Motorcycles can be colored with different colors. This printable picture allows children to learn about teamwork, determination, and the joy of competition. It can spark conversations about sportsmanship, strategy, and the importance of persistence. Children can cultivate a sense of adventure and a love of friendly competition through coloring.

Yoshi from Mario Kart

7. Bowser from Mario Kart

Bowser is presented as a formidable and majestic character. He is known for his large, spiked shell, sharp teeth, and fiery breath. Bowser is shown with a fierce expression, showing his determination to win the race and assert his dominance. He is ready to unleash his power and strength on the track. Children can choose shades of green or a darker palette to depict Bowser’s scaly skin and skin. They can add depth and detail to his spikes and teeth, emphasizing his ferocity. The background can be filled with a variety of vibrant or vibrant colors to increase the intensity of the scene. The “Bowser from Mario Kart” coloring page allows kids to interact with one of the most iconic villains in the Mario series. They can bring their creativity and artistic interpretation to the page, experimenting with color and texture combinations. Through coloring, children can appreciate the complexity of characters and the importance of a charming villain.

Bowser from Mario Kart

8. Morton Koopa Mario Kart

We designed the image of Morton Koopa – one of Bowser’s Koopaling kids, in his Mario Kart racing gear, ready to compete. Morton Koopa Jr. is portrayed as a challenging and confident character in this coloring page. He is a Koopa with a stocky build and striking features. When coloring, children can choose a gray or light green color for Morton’s skin. The “Morton Koopa Mario Kart” coloring page incorporates the unique features of Morton Koopa Jr. with the excitement of racing, providing an interactive and fun coloring experience for kids. It allows them to celebrate Morton Koopa Jr’s unique character design and let their creativity shine as they bring the page to life.

9. Lemmy Koopa 

Lemmy Koopa is portrayed as playful and energetic on this coloring page. Lemmy is a small Koopa with a mohawk hairstyle and a mischievous smile on her face. Children can choose vibrant shades for Lemmy’s skin and skin, making him visually appealing. They were able to liven up his unique personality by coloring his mohawk with bold and playful colors. This sheet allows children to explore fun, adventure, and nature themes. It could spark conversations about the diversity of characters in the Mario universe and the importance of capturing one’s unique traits. Through coloring, children can express their creativity and develop confidence in their artistic abilities.

Lemmy Koopa Mario Kart

Which character will you choose for your child in Mario Kart Coloring Pages?

The choice of characters in Mario Kart coloring pictures depends on the interests and preferences of the child. It is best to involve your child in decision-making and ask which character they want to color. They may have a favorite character from the Mario Kart game that they will be excited to bring to life through coloring. Whether it’s Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, or any other character from the Mario Kart series, choosing a character that’s right for your child will make the coloring experience fun for them.

To start coloring, click any images or links above on Coloringpagesonly.com to open them. Once opened, you can download or print at no charge. All pages are quality, easy to color, and scale perfectly on A4 paper. After finishing this activity, you can share your child’s work on social networks for all to see. This helps children boost their confidence and encourages them to showcase their artistic talents.

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