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How to draw and paint Harry Potter

When it comes to magic and witch, we cannot forget Harry Potter – the main character in the world-famous magical movie. Harry Potter studied at Hogwarts and other students to become a real witches. The story of a boy with a scar on his forehead opens up the strange and fascinating secrets of the film.
Harry Potter is the favorite character of children and adults. He is also the wizard representing the magical world of the fictional Hogwarts.

Do you want to draw Harry Potter?
In this Harry Potter drawing tutorial video, we will teach kids how to draw quickly and beautifully. Harry Potter usually appears in Hogwarts uniform; each wizard has a magic wand and a big book. In this video, we will show you how to draw in detail, slowly and carefully. Children will learn to draw people, clothes, and books and color their pictures.

Whether a child’s picture is beautiful and vivid depends on the child’s ingenuity and creativity. The operations and instructions we teach in the video are elementary to do and practice. We hope children will have more creative ideas and drawings to share with us. Children are the most creative souls and have unique ideas.

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