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Akatsuki Coloring Pages

Akatsuki coloring pages bring you the most prominent images of Akatsuki members like Konan, Itachi, Kisame, Zetsu, Deidara, Hidan, Kakuzu, and Orochimaru, Tobi – Obito, Pain – Nagato, Sasori, Sasuke.

Akatsuki is a dangerous organization in the Naruto world. In its best days, it consisted of 10 outstanding warriors. Akatsuki means “dawn,” but it closely resembles “red moon” in Japanese. Akatsuki is a criminal organization in the manga anime series Naruto. The members of the Akatsuki organization are the main antagonists throughout Part II.

Akatsuki was founded by the trio Yahiko – Konan – Nagato under the supervision of Uchiha Obito under the name Uchiha Madara.

With terrifying powers, brutal nature, and forbidden techniques, each member of Akatsuki scares everyone with their S-class criminal record. The criteria to join the organization are to be anonymous, little-known but highly capable of fighting, and first of all, ruthless to brutality, the characteristics of the organization’s members.

Each of them has distinct strengths that make them different and dangerous. Get the unique color sheets of Akatsuki members now and help the characters become more diverse.

Have fun and be creative with fun colors right now. Have fun!

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