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Chip and Potato Coloring Pages

Following Chip Pug – a friendly, curious, big-hearted five-year-old girl, and Potato – the tiny mouse, Chip’s best friend experiences the significant challenges of a new phase in life by exploring Chip and Potato coloring pages now.

Chip and Potato is a colorful cartoon series for children. The film is about a pug girl named Chip and the mouse Potato who keep a secret about themselves from everyone; Potato appears as a toy when anyone else is around, except for Chip. Baby Chip faces problems in kindergarten and enters a new phase in life. But she is always helped by the little mouse Potato. Potatoes give Chip safety and confidence. Together they keep a big secret that Potato is a real mouse.

Chip Pug and Potato Mouse are good friends. Chips and Potatoes coloring pages have adorable pictures of Chip, Potato, and cartoon characters.

Grab the free printable Chip and Potato crayons below, let your kids soak in the vibrant colors, and participate in the exciting Chip and Potato stories.

Have fun and get creative now!

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