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Disney Cars is a computer-animated comedy-adventure film; it is produced in 2006 by Walt Disney Pictures. The film talks about a world populated entirely by anthropomorphic cars and other transports. In the race of the Piston Cup championship, rookie Lightning McQueen is a winner. One week later will have a tiebreaker race at the Los Angeles International Speedway in California. Lightning try to practice in California so he pushes his big rig, Mack, to journey all night. Unfortunately, when McQueen is sleeping after a hard work day, Mack is exhausted and he meets a gang of four reckless street racers that make McQueen to fall out the back of the trailer. McQueen wakes up in the middle of the road and he finds Mack immediately. At here, he is arrested and impounded overnight, the town judge named Doc Hudson requires McQueen leave town. However, Sally Carrera who is the local lawyer requests the town judge that let McQueen repave the road and he take some days to complete. He makes friends during this time, and find out Doc Hudson is one of three-time Piston Cup winner. But after an accident in 1954m his racing career ended. When finishing the road, McQueen spends a more day with his new friends in Radiator Springs. And then, Mack and the media come to the town, McQueen reluctantly leaves them to go to California for the race in time. At Los Angeles International Speedway, McQueen is at the last place..... Discover the next interesting details in Disney Cars by playing Disney Cars coloring games with the colorful pages and catching eyes. We supply a wide range of coloring Disney Cars pictures that you can download, print or play them online. Have fun!
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