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Elf Coloring Pages: Cute little christmas friends

Do you want to explore the Elf on the shelf coloring pages with lovely and funny illustrations now? Elf is mysterious creatures that have appeared in many German myths and literature. Elves are small creatures; they have pointed ears and many magical abilities. Elves usually live at the North Pole with Santa Claus and support him. Elves also appear in funny fairy tales or funny cartoons. Let’s discover something special together on the Elf coloring pages!

The Origins and history of Elves:

Elves have their roots in Norse mythology. They are small and inspirational in the folklore of many countries. Christmas elves appeared in literature as early as 1850. Books or poems about elves have been exploited by writers and are considered beautiful and meaningful images in the spiritual life of humans. Modern legends about Santa Claus often include little elves at Christmas in the United States, Canada, and Ireland. Those little humans are called Elf. They live with Santa Claus and support his work. Children and adults around the world are familiar with the image of elves. Although elves only appear and Christmas, many toys and pictures are associated with the image of love. Not only possessing a small and cute appearance, but elves also bring exciting stories to children.

The lovely Elf coloring page and the top 8 interesting facts about Christmas:

The Origin of Christmas Day:

Christmas, also known as Christmas, is an occasion to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Birth of the Christmas Tree:

Usually, when the tree has young shoots on Christmas day, it is a sign that a beautiful spring is coming. To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and bestow life, happiness, and peace to people, they often organize a big holiday with many collective activities. It is also a time to welcome the new year with new hopes.

The Mystery of Santa Claus:

Do you think Santa Claus is a real character? We have created the image of Santa Claus based on the image of Saint Nicholas. He is a Catholic bishop. During his life, Saint Nicholas helped many people, especially women. He’s a good man. Therefore, people create the image of a good Santa Claus to bring gifts, and peace wishes to many families.

Santa’s Red Suit:

Santa Claus usually wears a red, white outfit and a long beard. He often travels in a cart pulled by many reindeer. These reindeer will pull the cart on the snow, and Santa will deliver presents to the children. Children can use red and white to color the picture of Santa Claus and brown for the lovely reindeer!

The Story Of Socks:

The stocking is a familiar image at Christmas. Before children go to bed, they hang their socks in the window, near the fireplace, or elsewhere in the house. Santa Claus will bring presents and put them in the socks. It is a form of giving gifts and receiving gifts at Christmas. We have many other Elf coloring pictures that you can download and color:


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