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Meet the Hong Kong Phooey cartoon dog on our free printable Hong Kong Phooey coloring pages below. Hong Kong Phooey is the famous protagonist of the Hanna-Barbara series of the same name. Hong Kong Phooey is a dog with black ears a cute and brown face.

Hong Kong Phooey is a masked canine hero who fights crime using martial arts skills and his shape-shifting Phooeymobile. Hong Kong Phooey’s secret identity is that of Penrod “Penry” Pooch, a policeman guarding the gates of an unknown city. The hero, Penry, believes in kung fu powers that he thinks can catch the bad guys, but Spot makes it happen.

Each of his stories begins with him working in a police station until Rosemary receives a phone call explaining the crime. Penry, the janitor, then jumps into a filing cabinet and appears as Hong Kong Phooey. During each adventure, Hong Kong Phooey and Spot travel in a Phooeymobile, a green oriental-style vehicle that can be transformed into a helicopter, boat, or other suitable vehicles for catching criminals.

Hong Kong Phooey is in need of a smart partner like you guys. Let your children go on exciting adventures, fighting crime with Hong Kong Phooey and Spot. Let the children color the Hong Kong Phooey coloring sheets below; they will unleash their imagination with great adventures with Hong Kong Phooey. Collect our unique coloring sheets below. Cartoon characters wait for the little ones to go on adventures with them. Yo Kai Watch coloring pages, Ren and Stimpy coloring pages, and Mike the Knight coloring pages are some suggestions for parents to refer to and choose for the little ones.

Let the kids experiment with different themes and unleash creative coloring in the world of colors. We hope you have a great time with our coloring pages. Have fun!

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