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Kikoriki Coloring Pages are round, colorful, and “completely non-violent” images, funny characters that have been successful worldwide, with a unique appeal to children and adults.

Kikoriki, also known as Gogoriki or Smeshariki, is a funny Russian animated film for children and parents.

The animated film tells the story of the Smeshariki – funny little round beasts living in their fictional world. Their shape emphasizes benevolence and allows even a child to draw Smeshariki quickly. Each Smesharik has his life background and personality; among the Smesharik, there are no villains. Each episode builds on some problematic situation that a child may encounter in life.

The main characters can be divided into two age groups — four children (Wally, Chiko, Krosh, and Rosa) and five adults (Carlin, Barry, Dokko, Pin, and Olga). The characters always find a solution without conflict. Such an approach is in great demand today, and there are very few productions that don’t feature violence, and every episode is educational.

KikoRiki’s world full of adventure, real-life situations, and valuable life lessons is the best choice for the little ones. Coloring and going on adventures with funny minor round characters will help children learn many exciting things from how KikoRiki characters solve problems in life.

Let your children immerse themselves in the fun colors right now. The KikoRiki are waiting for the little ones in the fun KikoRiki coloring pages. Have fun and enjoy now!

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