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Looney Tunes Coloring Pages

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Coloring Pages Looney Tunes: Is it Disney’s most attractive cartoon?

With cute cartoon characters, Looney Tunes coloring pages suit boys and girls of all ages. The funny coloring pages Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Tweety, Sylvester, Taz, and Gonzales will be an excellent choice for children to develop their thinking and creativity. Cartoon characters are often attractive to young children, so using cartoon coloring pages will increase children’s interest in playing with colors.

What is “Looney Tunes”?

Most people are satisfied and love iconic cartoons like Looney Tunes. Since 1930, the Looney Tunes cartoon has introduced a series of unique and funny characters to audiences worldwide. No matter when you watch Looney Tunes, they can bring a good laugh. There are so many great characters for us to discover and love.

Looney Tunes Characters:

Yosemite Sam: Bugs Bunny has a lot of opponents in the cartoon, but Yosemite Sam is one of the toughest. He is often depicted as a wild man. This short man hated the famous rabbit. Sam is very short-tempered and usually has a temper tantrum. He’s also the funniest-looking member of the Looney Tunes group.

Tasmanian Devil: The Tasmanian Devil, or Taz, became known as a prominent character in the Looney Tunes cartoon. He appears and is seen as a villain. However, many years later, the character’s popularity became more widespread.

Sylvester: Sylvester, the cat, is one of the main antagonists of Looney Tunes.

The pig: Porky is one of the sweetest and most innocent Looney Tunes characters. While the other characters are ready for adventure, Porky is funny and makes his jokes much funnier.

Marvin Mars: Bugs Bunny’s opponents are often seen as incompetent, noisy, and ignorant characters. Marvin Mars is one of Looney Tunes’ quietest characters; Marvin is a tiny alien who has proven to be one of the series’ most intelligent characters. Marvin is a prominent and beloved Looney Tunes character with her soft voice, slight figure, and fun dance moves.

Foghorn Leghorn: When we review the characters in Looney Tunes, Foghorn Leghorn ranks as one of the noisiest characters. He often creates many funny incidents.

Elmer Fudd: Elmer is a hunter. But he often injures himself. Elmer and Bugs Bunny are companions on adventures together.

Bugs Bunny: Perhaps only Mickey Mouse can compete with Bugs Bunny for the most popular cartoon character. He was the promotional boy for the Looney Tunes cartoon for many years. His unique and hilarious personality makes him an incredibly likable hero.


Please select adorable coloring sheets appropriate for youngsters to have fun with crayons. Looney Tunes is an American animated television series created during American animation’s golden age. If your youngster likes the characters in this animation, why not download or print it right away? Create a collection of Looney Tunes color pages and let your imagination run wild with fun characters: Tweety, Daffy Duck, and Speedy Gonzales.  Have a good time!

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