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It a great fun participating in coloring Monsters vs Aliens coloring pages. Ginormica, Dr. Cockroaches, The Missing Link, Insects, and B.O.B. are on a mission to save the Earth and join forces to fight back when the aliens attack.

Susan (Ginormica), a woman hit by a giant meteorite on her wedding day and over 50 feet tall, B.O.B. – a non-biodegradable paste created when dessert is combined with a tomato, Dr. Cockroach – a scientist turned half-human, half-cockroach after a faulty experiment, The Missing Link – a prehistoric 20,000-year-old macho fish-ape hybrid thawed from deep ice by scientists, and Insectosaurus, a giant beetle mutated by high-altitude nuclear radiation 350 feet attack Tokyo.

Everyone is valuable, whether you are tall, hairy, bug eyes or tentacles like Monsters vs Aliens characters each have their values, Monsters vs Aliens coloring pages will be Inspiration to help you feel more confident about yourself.

Get creative with fun characters on our free Monsters vs Aliens coloring pages. These fun coloring sheets will help children express their imagination most effectively. Collect your favorite coloring pages and create your unique characters. Have fun!

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