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Mosquito Coloring Pages

Make mosquitoes more exciting and unique with these free Printable Mosquito Coloring Pages for Kids.

Natural mosquitoes might not be that appealing to young children, but with our mosquito coloring pages, you and your kids are sure to have a different view of mosquitoes.

Before coloring these attractive mosquitoes, let’s learn about the mosquitoes around us.

Mosquitoes are a group of organisms belonging to the class of insects in the family Culicidae, order Diptera. Mosquitoes grow mainly in swamps, ponds or puddles, wet areas. They lay their eggs in the water, which hatch into larvae called larvae or larvae. Larvae live in water for a while, then develop into pupae, then turn into adult mosquitoes, flying out of the water. Male mosquitoes suck the sap of trees and fruits to live, while female mosquitoes feed on human and animal blood.

Certain mosquitoes can be vectors of disease between humans or between animals and humans. Mosquito-borne conditions that can cause death include dengue fever, malaria, and yellow fever.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated April 25 as World Malaria Day. World Malaria Day appears to promote national malaria control strategies, including community-based activities for malaria prevention and treatment.

Therefore, these mosquito coloring sheets will educate and improve children’s understanding of measures to kill the mosquito larvae that transmit malaria.

Coloring pages are both entertaining and educational, very effective for young children. So, let your children have fun with bright crayons. Instead of the black and gray colors of mosquitoes, children can choose all the colors they like to color the mosquitoes. And after coloring the mosquito, parents can collect other animals for their children through our cute animals coloring pages – lots of lovely animals for kids to color. Have fun and enjoy now!

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