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My Hero Academia is an anime series by Studio Bones based on the Japanese superhero manga of the same name. My Hero Academia Coloring Pages are a fun way for kids of all ages, because it’s one of the most popular anime titles in recent years, with many fans witnessing the story of young heroes in training. My Hero Academia is a manga about the aspiring teenager Izuku Midoriya, who dreamed of having some serious abilities, but was born without them. The anime talks about his unquenchable desire on the path to becoming super strong, like his idol Almighty. Despite being surrounded by teenagers, each of whom had some sort of ability called a quirk in this anime, Izuku never gave up for a second to become the best superhero. And fortunately, one day he ends up in the Hero Academy, where teenagers are taught to develop special talents and skills. Each has its own quirks: an ultra-long jump, like a frog, the ability to walk on walls, super-strong blows, the release of acid from the body, deflecting blows, super-precise blows in hand-to-hand combat. My Hero Academia Coloring Pages are created based on the well-known anime and tells about a world where every child on the planet is born with an unusual ability called “quirk”. With such abilities as blowing up something with your hands, walking through walls, transforming into other creatures or increasing your own body at times, you can become a cool superhero or villain. My Hero Academia coloring pages are a fun way for kids of all ages to develop creativity, focus, motor skills and color recognition.
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