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Do you like a phoenix? Explore now Phoenix Coloring Pages with the best pictures of beautiful phoenix birds. Download and print all your favorite phoenix coloring pages, then decorate the phoenixes with vibrant colors of your own creativity.

The phoenix is a divine and sacred firebird form in some Western mythologies such as Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology, and other related or influenced mythologies.

It is said that the phoenix can live up to 500 or 1,400 years (depending on the source). It is a bird with beautiful yellow and red plumage. When it was about to die, the phoenix built a nest out of cinnamon sticks and then set itself on fire; both the nest and the bird burned fiercely so that only a handful of ashes remained, from which a new phoenix was born.

The life span of the new phoenix is the same as that of the old phoenix. However, in some legends, this is not the case. The new phoenix marinated the old phoenix’s ashes in an egg made of myrrh and brought it to the ancient Egyptian city of Heliopolis (“city of the sun” in Greek). The phoenix is also said to respawn after being injured, so it is virtually immortal and cannot be defeated; The phoenix rising from the ashes is an impressive image in Western culture. It is also said that the tears of the phoenix can heal wounds.

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