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Pocahontas Coloring Pages gives the little ones a wonderful collection of images of the characters from the 1995 animated movie Pocahontas. If you don’t know Pocahontas, she is one of the Disney princesses. Disney movies and TV shows have always been a popular theme for Kids Coloring Pages. Pocahontas is the first Disney feature film based on a historical character rather than a purely fictional one. The film revolves around the real-life character of Pocahontas. At Pocahontas Coloring Pages, kids will see images of Pocahontas and other characters, such as her animal friends Meeko, Flit, and John Smith, the chief Powhatan. Explore the fun coloring pages of Pocahontas and make them more vibrant and lively. You can learn about Disney’s characters in “Pocahontas and Sleeping beauty coloring pages: Colorful Disney world with beautiful princesses.” If children love Disney cartoons, parents can find more unique pictures at Disney Coloring Pages or Rapunzel to help children get more excited about coloring activities. Lovely characters are waiting for you to discover!

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