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Last Updated: April 4, 2024

You can discover a sweet character from the Amazing Digital Circus with these 20 Princess Loolilalu coloring pages. The coloring pages are designed to suit all ages and are especially perfect for girls.

Princess Loolilalu is an upcoming supporting character in a short video by the Amazing Digital Circus. Loolilalu’s entire body appears to be made of glowing sweets. Her arms and neck appear to be made from lollipop sticks. Loolilalu’s hair is made from pink fruit slices. She wears a dress that resembles a cake and a yellow crown on her head. Fans love this new character. On YouTube videos, there are many images of Princess Loolilalu that fans have created in exciting and unique ways.

We also took inspiration from those images to create a unique collection of Princess Loolilalu coloring pages. You will find the portrait of Princess Loolilalu in the candy world. Some images depict her expressions. Loolilalu and other characters in The Amazing Digital Circus, such as Martha Found, Jax, or Pomni, also appeared.

Whether you’re a fan of the popular show or simply looking for beautiful and sweet characters for your daughter to color, these pages are perfect for every need. Choosing coloring pages is also simple. Click on the image and text link below to open a new tab. Choose to print, download, or color directly on the page. All operations on our website are completely free.

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6 Unique Ways By Using Princess Loolilalu Coloring Pages

Sometimes, the best way to use coloring pages is simply to relax. Let your and your child’s worries melt away, and have fun with these creative ideas.

Make A Squishy Toy

This Squishy soft toy featuring the sweet princess Loolilau will surely delight your child. You can choose your favorite character’s portrait image. Use watercolor paint to color the image of Princess Loolilalu.

You remember that this princess’s primary color is pink. You can choose dark or light color tones as you like. After finishing coloring, cover the surface with a layer of transparent adhesive sheet and cut again along the contour.

This step will help the image become smoother and more durable. You will cut a similar shape to make the back of the Squishy toy. Glue the two sides together with tape. Remember to leave a hole to put cotton balls inside. Finally, seal the mouth of the toy and it’s ready to use.

Princess Loolilalu coloring pages craft 2

Create A 3D Picture

After choosing the image of Princess Loolilalu and coloring the details, you will cut out each part of her in turn. They include a fan, hair, a candy-shaped crown, and a cake-like skirt.

You can use a piece of cardboard as a background. The next step is to arrange the cutouts of Princess Loolilalu in the background. You will use double-sided glue to attach them to form a complete picture, like the picture below.

Now, find a suitable place to display the 3D painting of Princess Loolilalu. You can frame and hang it on the wall, place it on a table shelf, or give it as a meaningful gift to someone special.

Princess Loolilalu coloring pages craft 1

Decorate Your Space

You can make your home space bright and sweet with Princess Loolilalu characters. Please refer to the following creative ideas. Create a colorful collage of character images on the wall.

You can cut out colored details and put them together to create a complete picture. Print Princess Loolilalu images on sticker paper and cut them out to create wall decals.

Apply these decals to furniture, walls, or windows to brighten your home. Have fun exploring different ways to decorate as long as it suits your conditions and abilities.

Design A Keychain

This idea is popular with coloring pages of favorite cartoon characters. With Princess Loolilalu, you can completely create unique and trendy keychains.

You will choose to print your favorite coloring pages in a size that fits on your keychain. We recommend that you choose thick paper when printing for durability. After coloring, cover both sides of the image with a transparent adhesive sheet and cut according to the character’s outline.

Use the tool to make a hole at the top of each image. This will be where you attach the keychain ring. You can also write your name or signature on the back of the keychain for a personal touch. Finally, attach it to your backpack, zipper, or bag to always keep your character’s image with you.

Make A Sticker

This craft idea is similar to creating keychains. You’ll choose your favorite Princess Loolilalu images from the stencil pages and print them onto sticker paper.

You can adjust the size if needed to fit the sticker. Color the image in dark or light tones as you like. For extra durability, you can cover the coloring page with transparent stickers.

Cut the image of Princess Loolilalu out of sticker paper. Finally, peel off the backing of each sticker and stick them on dry surfaces such as laptops, notebooks, water bottles, or phone cases.

Princess Loolilalu coloring pages rebubble 1

Turn Into A Puppet

You need to print out the coloring pages of Princess Loolilalu in the size of a quarter of an A4 sheet. Cut out the character’s outline after coloring.

To add fun to the puppet, cut out separate arm shapes and glue them to the back of the body so they can move. Apply glue to the top end of the craft stick and adhere to the back of the Princess Loolilalu cutout.

You should attach the part above her head to ensure stability. Finally, let your kid move Princess Candy around and even impersonate her in their best voice.

What creative ideas will you take to make Princess Loolilalu coloring pages interesting? Show us the final result you or your child created. This unique creativity motivates us to create more attractive and quality collections.

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