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Free printable Ron’s Gone Wrong coloring pages for kids of all ages. Immediately collect these interesting images for children to color freely.

Ron’s Gone Wrong (2021) is an American animated, humorous, science fiction film.

The main character Barney is an introverted, shy high school student who doesn’t have many friends. He always longed to own a B-Bot to feel less lonely. When his father decided to buy him a birthday present, the wish came true. However, Barney’s robot named Ron is not like his friends’ modern, cutting-edge versions. It constantly encounters errors and acts clumsy and naive.

Ron did not help Barney with errands, making him happier and causing him a lot of trouble. Barney must find a way to protect Ron, who is in danger from the company’s employees. However, the two gradually accept each other’s shortcomings and become close friends.

Ron’s Gone Wrong coloring sheets will help children learn to accept the flaws of those around them and can become closer like Barney and B-bot Ron’s friendship.

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