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Spirit Riding Free Coloring Pages

Meet cute wild horses and lovely girls through our Spirit Riding Free coloring pages.

Spirit Riding Free is an animated series about the adventures of a wild horse named Spirit, about freedom, love between animals, and true friendship. The main character, a wild horse Spirit, shows how important freedom is for each animal, how to fight for it, and at the same time being a real friend helping his friends get out of trouble.

A 12-year-old girl named Lucky bonded with the horse Spirit. Pru owns a talented and proud palomino named Chica Linda. And Abigail owns a friendly and goofy pinto horse named Boomerang. The three girls call themselves PAL and go on many adventures with their horses.

Meet Lucky, Pru, and Abigail and their amazing horses, Spirit, Chica Linda, and Boomerang, right now through our unique Spirit Riding Free coloring pages.

Use your imagination to join the exciting adventure in the world of horses, kindness, freedom, and friendship right now. Exciting encounters are waiting for you.

Spirit Riding Free coloring pages will help the little ones learn interesting lessons about friendship, kindness, and freedom. Cuphead and Spirit Riding Free coloring pages: Are children ready to discover new friends through coloring pages? Immersed enter the fun colors and meet your favorite characters. Have fun!

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