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Sword in the Stone Coloring Pages

Sword in the Stone coloring pages is inspired by a classic that revives the legend of King Arthur. The Sword in the Stone is based on a book by T. H. White about the legendary King Arthur of England.

The Sword in the Stone is an American animated musical fantasy comedy film produced by Walt Disney and released in theaters on December 25, 1963, by Buena Vista Distribution. This was the last Disney animated film before Walt Disney died.

In the 6th century, the last king of England died without an heir; the whole kingdom fell into chaos. Legend says that whoever pulls the Excalibur sword deep in the rock will become the king of England. How many knights, princes, and nobles have tried but failed, but only young Arthur was able to lift the sword from the rock.

The boy Wart, aka Arthur, is the adopted son of Knight Ector, but his father does not love him like his brother Kay. Arthur came to study with the old mage Merlin to expand his knowledge because the boy was originally not gifted with fighting. It was Merlin who discovered that Arthur was smart enough to become King.

Free printable Sword in the Stone coloring sheets with memorable and engaging characters will keep kids entertained. Parents can choose the color sheets that the baby likes or print all the color sheets. Let the kids freely mix and match all the colors and create unique creations.

Have fun and get creative now!

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