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Meet the notorious gang trying to renovate for the better at The Bad Guys coloring pages right now.

The Bad Guys is an American computer-animated crime comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures.

The Bad Guys revolve around a group of animals living outlaws, including the oligarch Evil Wolf and his teammates: Miss Spider, Mr. Shark, Mr. Piranha, and Mr. Snake. These five people were “face-to-face” criminals specializing in thefts in the city in the past. However, the new task they carry out this time will be completely different from the previous ones, a challenge that is considered “utopian,” that is: reforming the law – becoming a “model citizen.”

Mr. Wolf – specializes in pickpockets and is the leader of the Gang of Villains, Mr. Snake – specializes in cracking safes, Mr. Shark – is a master of disguise, Mr. Piranha – is exasperated, Miss Spider – sour lemon and master hacker; these are five reformed criminal animal members you’ll come across at their free printable The Bad Guys coloring sheets I. Funny coloring sheets are waiting for you to color. Collect coloring sheets that your kids love so they can unleash their creativity in the world of color.

Have fun and get creative now! See more The Bad Guys and Bob’s Burgers coloring pages: It is funny cartoons kids can’t miss.

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