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Totally Spies coloring pages brings you beautiful images of detective girls in the famous Totally Spies cartoon that young audiences love. Totally Spies is an animated movie that is very popular with children. This funny action cartoon for teenagers is inspired, collected, and designed by us to create unique Totally Spies coloring sheets for children and teenagers to enjoy. Color creativity for three beautiful detectives Sam, Clover, and Alex. Totally Spies follows the lives of three teenage super-spies, Sam, Clover, and Alex, all from California, United States. Sam is the leader of the group. Sam's full name is Samantha Simpson, also known as Sammy, is a pretty, lovely, and intelligent girl in the group. Sam has long red-orange hair and wears a green special forces uniform. Clover is a girl with short, shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing a red special forces uniform. She is the most beautiful and charming agent in the group. Clover likes handsome guys, shopping and has a powerful personality but is also very romantic. Clover is the queen of the hall and the school's beauty, pursued by many guys and the object of Mandy's envy. Alex's full name is Alexandra Vasquez, is a girl with short black hair and brown skin. She has a very childish disposition. She wears a yellow special forces uniform and loves sports, especially football. All three have very different personalities, but all work perfectly together in the spies. They are tasked with catching dangerous international criminals through Mr. Jerry, the leader of WOOHP - short for "World Organization Of Human Protection," ie the International Organization for the Protection of Humans. Jerry James Lewis (commonly known as Jerry or Jer) is the founder and leader of the organization WOOHP. He was the one who tasked the spies and provided them with the necessary equipment through the G.L.A.D.I.S. Jerry loves his three spies like three beloved daughters. However, he was also the one who caused the most trouble to the three girls. You can also find Jerry's coloring sheets on our Totally Spies coloring pages. Collect your favorite coloring sheets and help our detective girls stand out as much as possible. The little ones can use new colors and create a unique version of the detective girls. Have fun and get creative now!
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