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Tracker Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

Meet the eighth member of “Tracker Joins the Pups!” on the free printable Tracker Paw Patrol coloring pages for kids below.

Tracker has super hearing and is a close friend of Carlos. Tracker Paw Patrol has excellent hearing that helps Tracker quickly locate trouble deep in the forest.

Although Tracker is very brave, he dislikes being in dark places. The Tracker is afraid of the dark because his powerful hearing picks up even the tiniest sounds, alerting him and making him fear that what he hears might be spooky. But despite his fears, he is brave enough to face them for the sake of his friends and his sense of belonging as a member of the Paw Patrol.

Tracker wears a dark green hat and a dark green vest. His vehicle is a Jeep. The Tracker wears a red collar with a green PAW Patrol pup tag with a compass symbol on it to represent his ability to find his way to things.

Tracker loves to play with different types of wild animals in the jungle. He often uses his excellent hearing to save someone in danger when needed.

Each puppy has its superpower, which makes it stand out among the rest. Collect the Tracker Paw Patrol coloring sheets below to fill your Paw Patrol collection. If you don’t own the Paw Patrol collection, head to the Paw Patrol coloring pages to collect outstanding coloring sheets.

Discover unique coloring sheets and collect your favorite ones so you can unleash your creativity right away. Have fun!

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