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Wizard of Oz Coloring Pages

What do you wish for when you come to the colorful kingdom of Oz and hope the Wizard of Oz will fulfill your wish. Unleash your imagination and go on a journey with Dorothy and her friends right now by coloring our free printable Wizard of Oz coloring pages.

These Wizard of Oz coloring pages are images inspired by the 1939 American musical fantasy film “The Wizard of Oz” produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The protagonist of The Wizard of Oz, the orphan girl Dorothy Gale is not content with a boring life on a farm in Kansas. Dorothy dreams of walking on a rainbow to another world one day, and this wish suddenly comes true.

A tornado sweeps Dorothy and her little dog Toto to the Yellow Brick Road that leads to the colorful kingdom of Oz beyond the rainbow, inhabited by fairy characters.

On her journey to the Emerald City, Dorothy befriends Scarecrow, who wishes for wisdom, the Tin Man with a desire for a heart, and a Cowardly Lion, who wishes for courage. In the end, the wishes of Dorothy and her friends are granted by the Wizard of Oz, and she is returned to her homeland.

Follow the girl Dorothy across the rainbow to another colorful Oz world beyond the rainbow with our free printable Wizard of Oz coloring pages. A lot of exciting things are waiting for you and the kids.

Have fun and get creative now!

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