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The cartoon is always an exciting topic for children. It can be said that children’s childhood is associated with funny cartoon characters and funny stories. Even adults love cartoons because they help our souls relax and bring joy to life.
Recognizing everyone’s love of cartoons, we develop and bring cartoon themes into painting and coloring. We have animated coloring pages for kids to choose from and explore video tutorials to practice.
Coloring and painting activities go hand in hand. Coloring is easier than painting because we only need to select and combine colors. Painting requires children’s ingenuity. However, depending on the child’s interests, they will enjoy coloring or painting. We have many options for children. We collect, create and synthesize many cartoon coloring pages with various cartoon characters.
We provide tutorial videos to draw cartoon characters clearly, carefully, and in detail. Through the video, children will feel the painting activity much easier. Children need to observe, memorize and practice like our drawings. Then color your picture. We always choose the most beautiful and simple pictures to guide children.
Discover how to draw cartoons for characters: Peppa Pig, Pusheen, Grinch, etc.
We develop cartoon subjects and provide drawing tutorial videos: Anime, Games, or Dolls for kids. Let’s be creative with our painting activity! We are looking forward to sharing your unique baby pictures!