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How to draw and paint Deadpool

Is Deadpool a children’s idol superhero? He is not only loved by children but loved by adults. Deadpool is a superhero that first appeared in the comics, then appeared in movies and games. Deadpool possesses many extraordinary powers but also often annoys others. Others know Deadpool as a talkative person who always annoys people. We can’t deny Deadpool’s appeal as he is consistently one of the most sought-after superheroes.

The kids are sure to love Deadpool, especially the boys. Deadpool is powerful and extraordinary. Let’s try drawing and coloring Deadpool characters with us! We teach children to draw Deadpool holding two guns fighting. He carries a sword and wears the familiar protective gear. The Deadpool painting has many details and complex lines, so children need to observe or watch the drawing steps repeatedly to memorize and do.


After drawing Deadpool, let your child choose colors to color him. We use Deadpool’s signature black and red. However, we hope children will have more creative ideas to make the picture lively and unique. In our tutorial video, children will have the opportunity to learn to draw and color. We teach skillful painting and beautiful coloring.

Our website also has many coloring pages for kids to choose, download and color. All the diverse coloring pages are constantly updated by us here. We hope you and your child will find it helpful to experiment with activities and to paint with us.

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