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How to draw and paint Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda is an old but lovable character from the movie “Star Wars.” Baby Yoda has a small and short body; he has big round eyes, two long vertical ears, and a wrinkled face, and he always wears a cloak covering his body. Baby Yoda’s image is a bit scary, but when we watch the movie, we will see that he is cute. “Star Wars” is a science fiction movie set in galaxies and planets other than earth.
We will show you how to draw Baby Yoda! All the drawing steps are done and guided by us in the video below. Parents and babies can observe, memorize and practice.

In the video, we will go through the drawing steps in order. First, we will proceed to draw the character’s head and ears. Draw the head and big round eyes; two pointed ears. Then we draw Baby Yoda’s body with the coat. With just a few basic strokes, the image of Baby Yoda is quickly sketched. Children can choose any favorite color for the picture.
We used green to color Baby Yoda’s face and brown to color his jacket. Through our tutorial video, children will practice drawing and coloring better. Children will have many unique ideas to make the picture more vivid and attractive.

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