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Toys and dolls are familiar and close to children. Everyone has a childhood, and in addition to loving cartoons, toys, and dolls are beautiful memories that we remember. Depending on each stage of development, children’s toys and dolls are also different. Today, children’s toys and dolls are more beautiful, modern, and expensive. However, they all bring spiritual values and joy to children. If girls love beautiful dolls, cooking toys, baking, or sewing, boys will love models of cars, superheroes, or guns. Therefore, toys and dolls for children are many and varied on the market today.

We always develop coloring and painting products for children; we also research interests and update the trends of creative toys for children. We have many instructional videos for drawing and coloring toys and dolls. The pictures are simple, but they are the children’s favorite activities and topics. Painting is a fun and entertaining activity that helps children improve their creativity, practice ingenuity, and discover their talents. Before becoming familiar with complex artistic pictures, children can practice drawing simple and familiar pictures in the theme of toys and dolls.

LoL Surprise Doll is something familiar to children around the world. Lovely dolls with diverse fashion styles will attract children’s curiosity and love. Each doll character will be hidden in the egg. As we explore the eggs, we will have the opportunity to own dolls and their accessories. Your baby’s task is coordinating accessories and costumes to make the doll beautiful, stylish, and stylish according to their style. We choose the LoL Surprise Doll image with a big head and funny body to guide children to draw pictures. If your child loves LoL Surprise Dolls, they can find our video tutorials here.

For the first time appearing, Gacha Life is not a toy or a cartoon, but it is the game’s name for vibrant fashion and music. Players can choose their favorite chibi character and fashion style in the vibrant music scene and spotlights. Later, when Gacha Life became more popular with children, many Gacha Life toys appeared on the market. We can quickly draw and color the characters with basic operations. All with instructions in our video. Kids can learn to draw and color with our fun videos.

Learning to color and draw through video tutorials is very helpful for your baby’s development and creativity. Children will be able to learn while playing and experience excellent knowledge about painting. This activity also gives children perseverance, ingenuity, and quick learning. We guide drawing pictures from simple to complex, so your baby can get acquainted with simple, lovely drawings first.

In addition to toys and dolls, we also create many videos with cartoon characters or games that children love. You can search for Plants Vs. Zombies or Unicorn Cat to discover the painting steps.


Our website also has many coloring pages for kids to choose, download and color. All the diverse coloring pages are constantly updated by us here. We hope you and your child will find it helpful to experiment with activities and to paint with us.

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