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How to draw and paint Plants Vs. Zombies

Plants Vs. Zombies is a fun game for everyone on all different platforms. This is a great entertaining game for both adults and children. We can enjoy the world of flowers, trees, fruits, and zombies with vivid characters, images, colors, and music.

Plants Vs. Zombies have prominent images are trees with guns; they can shoot bullets and destroy zombies who want to enter the house. In the game will appear many species of trees, flowers, sun, and fruit with many different functions to prevent the attack of zombies. When we joined the game, the image of a tree with a gun was the most common and familiar.

How to draw Plants Vs. Zombies? We created a tutorial video to draw Plants Vs. Zombies for kids to learn and practice. Through videos, children can learn to draw and color and have a better chance to create, think and remember.


In our tutorial video, we divide it into two specific steps. In step 1, we will draw a tree with a gun; after completing the picture, we will move to step 2. We will proceed to choose colors to color our picture. We choose the simplest and cutest picture to guide children, so they can easily practice drawing and coloring with us—the tree in Plants Vs. Zombies are blue, so we chose green to color our picture. Children can choose other colors and create many unique ideas; Children should prepare paper, pencils, crayons, and erasers to learn to draw and color with us.

When children have finished their “work,” please share this video with many friends, or children can practice together from our video.

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