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Catwoman Coloring Pages

Discover unique images of a special character as both villain and protagonist named Catwoman on our free Catwoman coloring pages below.

Catwoman, also known as The Cat, real name Selina Kyle, is a fictional character in the comic book series published by DC Comics. Catwoman usually wears a body-hugging black suit that mimics the figure of a cat.

Catwoman is a super thief who can break into anywhere and open various safes. Catwoman is exceptionally agile, stealthy, highly skilled in combat, and can sense all types of cats. She usually wields a whip as a weapon, which allows her to hook onto objects and fly very flexibly.

Catwoman is often known as an anti-hero character, both as a lover and rival of Batman. Catwoman is one of the rare characters who know who Batman is, but she has never revealed it to anyone, and she often quietly helps Batman.

Catwoman is unlike any other Batman villain. She was a thief, not a cold-blooded murderer.

Collect Catwoman’s most astonishing coloring sheets and let the kids help her dress up in new colors instead of the black outfit she usually wears right now.

A completely new Catwoman when young talents show their creative abilities. You can share your children’s most unique creations with everyone to admire. Have fun and get creative now!

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