Here are the Carnage coloring pages, a most ferocious monster. Carnage is a single entity capable of creating spikes, tentacles, and various weapons from its body.

Carnage is one of Spider-Man’s most potent enemies. Carnage is Venom’s son; Carnage is stronger, faster, and more agile than Venom.

Carnage is more ruthless than Venom; with no conscience or sympathy, this murderer kills for no apparent purpose other than the mere enjoyment of death. Carnage instinctively enjoys violence, which makes it much more terrifying and morbid than Venom.

The fearsome villain Carnage is both Spider-Man’s enemy and Venom’s arch-nemesis. Explore more Spiderman coloring pages and Venom coloring pages if you enjoy these characters.

You can collect the free Carnage coloring sheets below and give this creepy guy something new. You can make Carnage scarier, or you can also help Carnage become less scary. Color is yours; create now. Have fun!

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