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Joker Coloring Pages is an unpredictable, cynical character with a unique sense of humor, but madness is his most important trait. Well, you know which character we're talking about, right? That's the Joker. Joker is one of the most popular villains in the DC universe and the comic book world. He first appeared in April 1940 in the Batman comic book series and later in films and television shows. He has white skin, bright red lips, broad smiles, crazy eyes, and green hair. He wears a suit, a light jacket, a tie, and shoes. Joker's personality perfectly matches his appearance. Although he is a superman, he does not possess any natural superhuman abilities. Use your creativity to make Joker different and so impressive in your coloring pages collection. You can completely use colored pencils to make up Joker because he looks like a clown. The colors are now yours or get creative with these coloring pages. Have fun!
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