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Chicken Run Coloring Pages

Humor and fun are what you'll find in our free printable Chicken Run coloring pages. Chicken Run coloring sheets are images inspired by the animated movie Chicken Run and include characters such as Ginger, Rocky, Babs, Mac, Bunty, Mrs. Tweedy, and more. Chicken Run is an animated film produced at Aardman Animations in 2000. Chicken Run tells the humorous story of a flock of chickens who manage to escape from a ranch run by Mr. Tweedy and his domineering wife before turning the chickens into dumplings. The film's main characters are Ginger, a hen who has an absolute belief that chickens can fly out of a cage with hard work, and Rocky Rhodes, a rooster Ginger believes can fly. And this guy kept his bogus flight a secret. Mrs. Tweedy is a greedy, vicious rancher; her frustration at the low profit from eggs has led her to plan to turn her chicken farm into a factory for dumplings chicken. This funny flying chicken squadron will get the little ones excited for the coloring activity. Help the children immediately collect these funny chickens so that they can unleash their creativity and create the most different and unique chickens. Have fun and get creative now! See more The Jungle Book and Chicken Run coloring pages: How are the animals anthropomorphized?
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