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Last Updated: February 23, 2024

Our holiday-themed collection has 45 newly updated Easter cartoon coloring pages. Whether you’re a child or an adult, these fun printables will provide hours of creative fun to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

The newest coloring pages have adorable cartoon characters like Hello Kitty, Mario, Pokemon, and Bluey with playful Easter bunnies and brightly decorated eggs. Children will also admire interactive cartoon characters with exciting scenes of Easter egg hunts, fluffy chicks emerging from their shells and playful bunnies frolicking in a spring meadow.

These black-and-white images will provide a fun and engaging activity for rainy days or Easter gatherings. They can also be used as beautiful decorations for homes and classrooms.

With various cartoon characters, these large coloring pages will create joy and excitement for children during Easter. So why hesitate any longer? Download and print your favorite images to bring a festive atmosphere into your home earlier than in previous years.

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5 Creative Ideas For Kids By Using Free Easter Cartoon Coloring Pages

These free coloring pages are perfect for promoting creativity in children during the holiday season. Whether planning an Easter party, decorating your home, or simply looking for fun, relaxing activities, these printable pages will delight little ones.

Let’s explore some ideas below to make good use of these fun coloring pages:

Hold An Easter Egg Decorating Contest

An Easter egg decorating contest with fun cartoon characters sounds like a great idea for kids.

First, you’ll print copies of the detailed Micky Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, or Bluey Holding a Basket of Easter Eggs coloring pages. Then, distribute the children’s coloring pages and a hard-boiled or plastic egg.

Please encourage your children to use coloring pages as inspiration for their designs. They will cut out the images individually. Then, place these cutout images on the egg and use a marker to draw the outline.

Each child will use paint to color the details drawn on the eggs. Once completed, you will score the works based on criteria such as best character copy or most unique. Consider awarding prizes with small chocolate gifts or even Easter-themed certificates.

Create An Easter Banner

Easter banners will be created in the most unique way using coloring pages. You will choose images with adorable cartoon characters and print them at the right size for your desired banner.

Then, let your child color the images in festive colors. The next step is to cut the images and arrange them on a large rectangular canvas. Paste the pictures and add “Happy Easter ” or “Happy Egg Hunt”.

Banners made by the children themselves will be a meaningful decoration for your home.

Design An Easter Basket

The Easter basket is a popular symbol of the Easter holiday as a symbol of prosperity, luck and joy. It is often used to hold gifts, candy, and Easter eggs for children.

Children can color and cut out their favorite cartoon characters according to this festival theme. You must prepare an empty basket in advance and instruct your child to paste cutouts on it.

Painting or adding decorative elements to the background creates a more striking basket. Getting children involved and excited about this special celebration is a great activity.

Family Bonding

Easter is a special time when families celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. Coloring these themed cartoon characters is also a great bonding activity for the whole family.

Set aside some time during Easter when everyone can sit together and color. This activity allows parents and children to share stories, laugh and create unforgettable memories.

Make Easter Scrapbook

Kids can create their own Easter scrapbook and keep it for years. Children can cut out their favorite characters and stick them on colorful pages after coloring them.

Parents can be there to supervise and encourage children to add photos and drawings or even write a story about their Easter experience. This idea helps children express themselves creatively and preserve memorable memories.

More than just an activity, these Easter Cartoon coloring pages also provide many valuable benefits. They help children recognize and explore colors while creating opportunities to meet their favorite cartoon characters in the Easter holiday atmosphere. Share this exciting experience with friends and family to create memorable moments together.

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