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Last Updated: February 22, 2024

Spring and Easter are getting closer, what better way to welcome the season than with adorable Easter Chick coloring pages? These fun images are perfect for entertaining children and developing their creativity.

Chicks are a popular symbol of Easter, associated with new beginnings, spring and rebirth. They are fuzzy, yellow chicks that often appear with eggs and Easter baskets.

In this collection, you will see the image of a chick nestled in half of an Easter egg with round eyes and a mischievous expression. The chickens are also placed in many different contexts, creating diversity for the coloring pages. We believe these images will definitely make children happy when coloring.

Let your little ones begin their creative journey and express themselves through vibrant colors for spring and Easter. To choose your favorite coloring page, just click on the image or link below. All pages are for non-commercial use.

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5 Creative Suggestions For Using Easter Chick Coloring Pages

Easter chick coloring sheets are more than just simple to color! They can create many creative activities that engage children of all ages. You can refer to the following five suggestions to get started:

Decorate For Easter Parties

If you’re planning an Easter party, use our chick coloring pages. Children can enjoy coloring while waiting for the festival to start.

After that, parents can guide their children to use colored images to create handmade decorations such as wreaths, placemats or bunting to hang around the house.

For the wreath, you’ll cut out colored Easter chicken images and string them into a circular series. If you want to decorate a table runner, you will need a round piece of cardboard and glue Easter chicken images on top to decorate.

You can glue them onto triangles or cut the coloring page into a fishtail shape and string them into a long string to create bunting.

By using these suggestions, you can creatively incorporate Easter chick coloring sheets into your party, adding fun and originality to the Easter celebration.

Make Easter Cards

Easter cards are considered a meaningful gift many people choose to send good wishes to friends and relatives. No need to buy ready-made from the store; you can create your own unique handmade card using our coloring pages of Easter chick.

To get your ideas started, you’ll need to print out your favorite baby chicken images and let your creativity run wild by coloring them. Then, cut out the images and glue them to a folded piece of cardboard.

You can add other decorative elements, such as flowers, leaves and eggs, to complement the background. Adding a handwritten message inside the card will make it more special and meaningful.

Design A Chick Hat

The idea is inspired by the Easter Chick coloring sheets that will surely delight children. Let your children color and decorate the chick to their liking.

Then, cut out the images and attach them to a headband or hair clip using glue. You should use quality hard paper to print and add flowers and feathers to decorate the hat beautifully. With this adorable chick hat, children will have a fun and memorable Easter.

Play Bingo Game

This activity is suitable for children of all ages. Starting today, you can organize your children to participate to welcome the upcoming Easter holiday. To start, you will need at least two copies of each page.

Children will work together to color the images with their creativity. You can cut out the chicks and details from the coloring pages and glue them onto cardboard. The Bingo cards are complete. You will shuffle the cards and place them face down in rows and columns on the same surface.

You can choose two or more players at the same time. The player will turn over two cards. If they are the same, keep it and get another turn. If you stay, you must turn the two cards face down and wait for the next turn.

You can combine the chick card with other Easter-themed images, such as bunnies, eggs and baskets, to create a more diverse and exciting game.

Decorate Easter Egg

Decorating eggs is a popular and exciting activity for children during Easter. You can create a unique Easter egg by decorating it with colored images of chicks.

You will need a hard-boiled chicken egg or a plastic egg model for this idea. Then, choose and print the chick coloring sheets on the smallest paper size.

After coloring with paint or colored pencils, you will cut out shapes and arrange them around the egg. Glue the back of each shape and carefully stick it to the egg. Let your Easter eggs dry before displaying or papering them for an upcoming egg hunt.

With these free Easter Chick coloring pages, you can organize creative and fun activities for your children to participate in according to our suggestions or your own. Parents can post their children’s pictures on Pinterest or Facebook for everyone to evaluate and, at the same time, help children become more confident.

We encourage children to color regularly to develop thinking and increase creativity. You can refer to many different coloring page collections on the website We categorize them by topic so parents and children can easily make the right choice.

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