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Last Updated: February 29, 2024

These 42 beautiful Easter Cross coloring pages will help you celebrate the joy of the upcoming holiday. These coloring pages are perfect for personal entertainment, classroom activities or celebrating Easter at any age.

Easter is a season of joy, renewal, and celebration of the victory of hope. While many people associate the holiday with bright eggs, funny chicks, or playful bunnies, the Easter Cross has deep meaning for Christians. The cross is a symbol of the supreme sacrifice of Jesus Christ when he was crucified to atone for humanity’s sins. Looking at the Cross, we are reminded that there is always joy and new life after suffering and trials.

In this collection, we have selected images of crosses decorated in the latest style. You’ll find crucifix images adorned with beautiful flowers and more intricate details for older children and adults. Some pages have a basic diagonal border, which is great for younger children and those who want a simpler design.

Beyond a fun coloring activity, these pages provide a beautiful canvas to reflect on the Easter story, express your creativity, and celebrate the season’s spirit.

To print or download any coloring pages, click the image or link below to open a high-quality JPG file. If you don’t have a printer, you can color directly in your browser, download it to your computer, and use digital software to color.

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7 Great Ideas We Can Do With Easter Cross Coloring Pages

Easter Cross coloring sheets are a great way to engage in creative and meaningful activities. Below are fun ideas you can explore to make these coloring pages more valuable and unique.

Create Decorations

People often decorate their homes and other spaces with various symbols to celebrate Easter. In addition to eggs, bunnies and chicks, you can use colored Easter Cross images to decorate your space. Portable decorations, wreaths or stickers are simple ideas suitable for everyone.

To start these suggestions, you will choose to print and color illustrations of the Easter cross. Then, cut them out separately. You will glue the crosses to the cardboard and continue cutting along the outline to create portable decorations.

Punch holes in each shape and string them into a circle for wreaths. These cutouts can also become stickers for window decoration by applying double-sided tape on the back. Remember, the most important thing is a fun and creative atmosphere while implementing these ideas.

Make Easter Cards

With this craft idea, you’ll start by coloring Easter crosses in vibrant tones. Choose cardboard for the card or buy a blank card at the store. The next step is to cut the colored cross images from the pages and then glue them to the card base.

Write Easter messages inside the card to show your sincerity to the recipient. You can leave your own signature or write a small note to make it unique.

You can also cut the cross-coloring page into unique, beautiful shapes like the reference image below. Adding beads to create flower buds and other decorative details will give the card a more realistic 3D effect.

Finally, send a handmade Easter card to friends or family members to bring the blessings and joy of the holidays to everyone.

Decorate An Easter Basket

Surely, every child is excited whenever they see Easter baskets containing gifts and candy. Parents can make these baskets special with unique decorations by incorporating Easter cross coloring sheets.

You will choose a large cross and ask your child to color it beautifully. Then, attach this image to a stick and poke it in the middle of the Easter basket.

The next step is to cut out the small shapes left on the coloring page to decorate the basket further. Let your imagination guide you and create a basket that reflects your unique style and captures the true spirit of the Easter holiday.

Turn Into Christian Wall Art

Turning illustrations of the Easter cross into Christian wall art is a great way to incorporate meaningful décor into your home or church. You will choose pages that make an impression and express the message you want to convey through the wall art.

Then, color the page according to your preferred color style. We have suggested a suitable colored page below for your reference. To make the picture stand out, you can customize the pages with quotes, Bible verses, or other decorative patterns.

Finally, frame it and choose a prominent location to hang it on the wall. This way, you’ll have a beautiful piece of Christian wall art that adds inspiration to any space.

Sunday School Activities

There’s nothing better than organizing a Sunday extracurricular activity at school for your children using the coloring pages of Easter Cross as a reference. This activity engages children creatively and helps them better understand the Easter story and its significance in the Christian faith.

You will organize a story time with coloring, crafting or an egg hunt game for the children. After the activities, allow children to take home colorful Easter pages as a reminder of the Easter story and the lessons learned in school.

Create A Coloring Book

Our 41 Easter Cross coloring sheets will be enough for you to create a small coloring book. Print all the coloring pages in the collection and staple them all together. You can also take a three-hole punch and tie them together with twine or glue the vertical edges with adhesive.

Making a cover that stands out according to the theme will also make the book more attractive. You can colorize one of the pages above, make it your cover page, and add a title and other decorative elements. This handmade coloring book can be given as a gift to a friend or created as a group coloring activity for everyone.

Make A Bookmark

To start the activity, you will select the Easter cross coloring sheets that you want to use as your bookmarks. You can color them with your favorite coloring materials. Be sure to color on both sides if you want the design to show on both sides of the bookmark.

Then, cut the crosses out of the page and tape them to a piece of cardboard for durability. To make it stand out, you can also add other decorative elements, such as ribbons and beads. Please refer to the following article if you want to create a cross-shaped bookmark:

Whether used to create Easter cards, bookmarks, wall art, or used as stand-alone coloring activities, Easter Cross coloring pages create a moment of fun, combining creativity and faith in a way accessible to all ages. So, don’t wait any longer. Start your journey of color and faith with our unique coloring pages now!

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