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Gir coloring pages bring you the most impressive images of the hyperactive robot in Invader Zim, Gir.

Gir is the secondary antagonist in the Invader Zim animated sci-fi animated series. Gir is Zim’s hyperactive robotic assistant, a character who often causes chaos and destruction to himself, his race, or the Earth.

Gir is cheerful, lucky, enthusiastic, energetic, excitable, highly hyperactive, and will eat anything, whether edible or not.

Gir’s difference is the unique color of the glowing parts on Gir’s body. Arriving on Earth, Gir disguised as a mongoose dog, has a green color with a zipper on the belly and a head that can pull out like a hood.

Gir is also a pretty interesting character for kids to color. You can collect all the coloring sheets below for kids. Also, you can find Zim and other Invader Zim characters on the Invader Zim coloring pages. Collect all the coloring sheets that the children love. The characters in the animated movie Invader Zim will be an excellent theme for children to color. The funny images below will be an opportunity for children to unleash their creativity in the world of color. Have fun and get creative now!

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