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Last Updated: December 15, 2023

We have just added more unique and newest Polar Express coloring pages. The illustrations are inspired by the best-animated films of all time to welcome the upcoming festive atmosphere of Christmas. We are sure that children will love to color these pages and immerse themselves in the magical world of the Polar Express.

The cartoon Polar Express is a meaningful film that conveys profound messages about faith, hope, kindness, friendship, and family. It helps viewers better understand the meaning of life and the spirit of the Christmas season.

These printable coloring sheets allow children and adults to re-envision key scenes, characters, and symbols from the Polar Express. From the iconic Polar Express train to Santa himself, these coloring pages capture the essence of the story and let users add their own creative touch.

Coloring pages provide the perfect canvas to bring this magical story to life. You can print one or more pages for your kids because they are all completely free to use.

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5 Unique Ideas With Free Printable Polar Express Coloring Pages

Besides the fun of coloring, Polar Express coloring pages can be used as a springboard for many engaging activities. Here are 5 ideas for incorporating these coloring pages into your child’s holiday celebrations and learning experiences.

Make Christmas Ornaments

Turning colorful Polar Express pages into festive decorations is a fun idea. To begin the activity, you will cut out colored images and string them together to form a wreath.

Hang wreaths in the classroom, home, or office to add a holiday atmosphere. Additionally, you can also create personalized Polar Express ornaments by laminating coloring pages and adding ribbon.

Design Paper Puppets

This creative activity not only brings the Polar Express story to life but also provides opportunities for children to play and tell imaginative stories. You will need to choose coloring pages featuring characters or scenes from Polar Express that you want to turn into puppets.

Once you’ve colored the pages, tape them to a piece of cardboard or thick paper to help make the puppet more durable. Next, cut each character or scene out of the cardboard. You will turn the cut puppets upside down and attach a popsicle stick or wooden craft stick to the back of each puppet.

Once the puppets are dry, you can use them to act out scenes from the story Polar Express.

Create Holiday Cards

This is the most popular and easy craft idea for all coloring pages. Likewise, you can also turn colored Polar Express pages into personalized holiday cards.

Once you’re done coloring, you’ll cut out the colored images and glue them to cardboard or folded construction paper. Add a heartfelt message inside and give the card to family, friends, or classmates. This activity will help children be creative and nurture affection and joy when giving.

Play Board Game

This game is suitable for older children or adults. First of all, you will decide on the basic structure of this game. Determine the starting point, the player’s route, and any special spaces like “Santa’s Workshop” or “Hot Chocolate Break.”  Use a large poster or piece of cardboard as your game board. Divide it into spaces and decorate it with scenes from Polar Express coloring pages. Consider creating a path with space for players to move around. You can make the starting point special, perhaps with a picture of the Polar Express train. This is where players will begin their journey.

Make Bookmarks

For book lovers, this craft idea is extremely great. After selecting and coloring the images on the page, you will carefully cut them out and glue them onto cardboard. To make your bookmarks more durable, you can laminate them.

If you want to add ribbon or yarn tassels to your bookmark, punch a hole in the top of the bookmark and tie a bow.

Finally, your Polar Express-themed bookmark is now ready to use! Add it to your current reading, or give it a thoughtful gift to a fellow Polar Express lover.

Polar Express coloring pages are suitable for children and parents to color together during Christmas. This will be a meaningful activity for families and the whole classroom. Children can use their colored pictures to decorate the house or give as gifts to friends.

With this topic, we will always update new special characters that often appear during Christmas. You can send us topic ideas. The design team will be ready to meet all requests and create the most creative works. Thank you for your positive feedback and contributions. We wish you and your family enjoy a happy Christmas moment through useful coloring activities.

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