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How to draw and paint Grinch

Grinch – does the green creature frighten children? This Christmas will be great if your child experiences Grinch painting activities and coloring.

Grinch appeared in the Christmas cartoon. The story of the strange creature that always hates the hustle and bustle of Christmas. Grinch is lonely and sad; he is always annoyed with everything. His plans to steal Christmas fail when the villagers teach him about human affection and love.

Do you want to create and draw pictures with Grinch characters?
We teach how to draw Grinch through video. We choose the Christmas Grinch image to draw and guide the children. We first need to select crayons and paper to sketch the basic strokes Grinch. Then we complete and color the picture. We select green and red to color for the Grinch picture.



The drawing steps are very simple; kids need to know how to hold a pencil and move the pen on paper according to our instructions. The contours of the picture are mainly curved lines. Children need the ingenuity to create soft and natural drawings. The picture is beautiful and vivid, depending on the baby’s creativity and originality.

Did your child find our guide helpful? I hope she will share her Grinch painting for us to admire.

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