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Akaza Coloring Pages

These are free Akaza coloring pages about Upper Rank Three – Akaza, who possesses tremendous power and is one of the strongest demons of Demon Slayer.

Akaza is the Upper Rank Three of Twelve Kizuki. When he was a human, his name was Hakuji. Akaza has a strong personality; he loves to fight strong people and never eats women. Akaza has tremendous respect for strong enemies, like Kyojuro or Giyu, and wants them to become demons so they can fight forever.

Akaza has a tall and muscular build; his body is full of blue lines running down his body, pale skin, pink hair, and eyelashes. He has large eyes with multiple fissures on his eyelids, and his yellow-orange eye color is numbered, including Upper Rank in his right eye and Three in his left eye.

Incredible images of Upper Rank Three are found in the Akaza coloring sheets below. Collect your favorite coloring sheets and build a unique Upper Rank Three you can. You can own many pictures of Muzan – the strongest demon and the ancestor of demons on Muzan Kibutsuji coloring pages.

As Upper Rank Three, Akaza possesses an extremely strong physical strength, as he can create a powerful shockwave that shatters the ground with a simple punch. With this power in the past, he has killed many Demon Hunters, even the powerful Hashira.

Find more demons, demon hunters, and Hashiras in our free Demon Slayer coloring pages. Discover and collect the best coloring sheets and make them stand out. Have fun!

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