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Tanjiro Coloring Pages

Get our Tanjiro coloring pages now and color the unique Demon Hunter in Demon Slayer – an anime series that is “storming” in the current anime fan community.

Kamado Tanjiro is the main character of the Demon Slayer anime. He is a Kanoe-ranked swordsman of the Demon Slayer Team, joining because he wants to avenge his family and turn his sister back into a human.

Tanjiro is a teenager with tan skin and a healthy build. He has messy burgundy black hair, which is combed back to reveal his forehead, and large, wide dark red eyes. Tanjiro also has a scar on the left side of his forehead when protecting his younger brother from a falling brazier. The scar was initially treated as a wound until Tanjiro fought in the Final Selection, which gradually turned into a Demon Slayer Birthmark.

Before becoming a Demon Slayer, Tanjiro’s family was murdered by the Demon Lord Kibutsuji Muzan, while his sister survived but turned into a Demon.

To the people of the Demon Slayer, Kamado Tanjirou is friendly and kind. He tried his best to protect the weaker from the demon’s attack. Even so, he still had great sympathy for the demons who held their conscience. Therefore, members of the Demon Slayer have a lot of respect for Tanjiro.

You can have many unique images of Demon Slayers at our free Demon Slayer Coloring Pages. If you love Tanjiro’s sister, a girl who always carries a bamboo stick in her mouth, then head to the Nezuko coloring pages. You can download or print all your favorite color sheets. Have fun and get creative now!

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