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Collect the best images of the Demon Slayer’s Insect Pillar girl now from the free printable Shinobu Kochou coloring pages below.

Kochou Shinobu is one of the strongest Demon Hunters. She has a calm personality and always has a smile on her face to hide her feelings of anger.

Shinobu has short black hair that fades to dark purple, tied with a beautiful purple butterfly bow and a section of bangs that fall down the front to frame her face. Kochou Shinobu is a petite girl with fair skin and large purple eyes that look like insects.

Insect Breath is Shinobu’s signature technique; she is the only one among the Pillars not capable of beheading demons; however, Shinobu can kill monsters with a poison made from wisteria flowers impregnated on their blade.

Although not as capable of fighting as the rest of her members, Shinobu is proficient in medicine and medicine to make up for her innate fighting ability. Shinobu can create various poisons and venom using wisteria flowers. She can kill opponents in seconds and can even create a poison powerful enough to drastically weaken Douma, the second strongest of the Moons Demons.

Shinobu Kochou is one of the most loved anime characters; download or print great coloring sheets for kids to color now.

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