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NHL Coloring Pages

These free NHL coloring pages are for the little ones, the sports lovers, and especially those who love the sport of hockey.

The National Hockey League (NHL) is a North American ice hockey league consisting of 32 teams: 25 in the United States and 7 in Canada. The NHL is considered the premier ice hockey league in the world and one of the major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. The Stanley Cup, North America’s oldest sports title, is awarded to the team that won the end-of-season playoff series. The NHL attracts athletes from around the world, with about 20 countries having players compete in the league.

Each National Hockey League match lasts 60 minutes. A match consists of three halves of 20 minutes, with a break between rounds. After the official time of the match ends, the team that scores more goals is the winner. If the match is tied, the two teams play overtime. In the regular season, the five-minute extra time wins the match first in a three-on-three format.

NHL is a professional sports league, you can collect NHL coloring sheets and hockey coloring pages to show your favorite moments from famous games, embodying the spirit of the hockey season hockey.

In addition, you can discover more moments, team logos, images of the National Football League on the NFL coloring pages, the Major League on the MLB coloring pages, and the Basketball Association country on the NBA coloring pages.

Express your creativity by mixing colors for athletes and team logos in different styles. Surely teams will have very different, unique, and interesting symbols in professional and famous sports tournaments. Let’s free to explore and express your creativity on our free coloring sheets. Have fun!

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