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Last Updated: April 4, 2024

Get ready to get creative and bring the underwater world to life with your favorite characters in our latest 15 Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken coloring pages. These pages are perfect for children of all ages who are passionate about vibrant colors.

We have selected and designed images of the movie’s most impressive characters and scenes that appeal to children. Even though it was released in 2023, the characters in the movie are still popular and appear a lot on social networks or in franchised merchandise products.

Children have always loved stories about transformations, magic, and magical creatures. Ruby Gillman is the perfect combination of these things. Let your kids take part in a thrilling adventure with Ruby through the coloring pages available on our website.

You will find images of the main character, Ruby, in human form and having fun with her family. Some pages feature Ruby and her mermaid friend, Chelsea. With their own eyes, children can witness Ruby transforming into a giant sea monster with tentacles reaching out. Whether you like Ruby’s quirky human form with her signature purple and green outfit or her powerful Kraken transformation, which emits a bio-optical purple beam, we’ve got all the options for you.

So, let your child’s artistic talent shine by bringing Ruby Gillman and her aquatic friends to life with their favorite colors. You can choose as many as you want to download or print because they are all high-resolution and completely free.


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7 Interesting Activities To Do With Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken Coloring Pages

With bright and colorful images, Ruby Gillman’s Teenage Kraken characters will bring many creative ideas to children, especially teenagers. Please refer to our suggestions below to turn coloring pages into works of practical value.

Design A Poster

A poster that combines vibrant colors and playful typography will impact your home space. We have lots of coloring pages suitable for making posters.

You will select one or more images and print them on thick A4 paper. You can choose the image of the character Ruby Gillman in human form, the scene with all the characters in the movie, or the scene where Ruby transforms into a giant sea monster.

You will color the images with shades of ocean blue. Experiment with different coloring techniques to add depth and shine to your images for more realism. After you finish coloring, you can stick the poster on the wall in a prominent position to show your admiration for the famous cartoon.

Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken Coloring Pages craft 2

Make Stickers

With the film’s popularity, the characters still commonly appear on merchandise and stationery products such as stickers, decals, or keychains. Now, you can guide your children to make unique stickers without spending money because the materials are extremely easy to find.

Featured images of Ruby Gillman, the Teenage Kraken character, are available on our website. You just need to choose, download, or print the images directly on the appropriate size sticker paper, usually about 4 x 6 inches.

You can color digitally and print in color or use markers to make the images stand out. Cut out the stickers once you’re done coloring.

If you don’t use sticker paper, you must add double-sided tape to the back of each cutout. Peel off the backing layer and stick it on the phone case as shown below or any dry surface.

Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken Coloring Pages AliExpress

Image source: AliExpress.

Create Masks

Kids who are movie fans will have a blast dressing up as their favorite characters. You can use cutouts of characters’ faces from coloring pages to create masks.

The steps are extremely simple. You will choose images of characters in frontal positions and with clear faces. Cut out the faces individually, and remember to leave space on both sides for visibility.

Use the available coloring tools to color the hair and points on the mask, like the image below. You can punch holes on both sides to thread the elastic band through so it fits snugly around your head. This will help the mask stay on your face. Now pretend to be Ruby, her mother, or Chelsea the mermaid, and act out impressive scenes from the movie!

Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken Coloring Pages craft 6

Decorate A Cup

It would be great if you enjoyed a cup of water with your favorite Ruby Gillman character printed on it. To do that, nothing is too complicated. What matters is your ingenuity and creativity.

First, print out coloring pages featuring characters from your favorite movies. Then, color the images with vibrant tones. To make it smooth and waterproof, you will coat the surface of the images with a transparent adhesive layer and cut them out along the edges.

Use double-sided tape to stick the face onto the surface of the cup, like our illustration below. Press firmly when pasting so the image adheres well to the cup.

Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken Coloring Pages esty 1

Image source: Esty.

Turn Into A Suncatcher

To turn coloring pages into suncatchers, you will need the following materials: vinyl sheets, markers, scissors, hole punch, or adhesive hooks for hanging. Start this idea by coloring the printed Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken images.

You should choose a bright color tone to highlight the sun visor. In the example below, we chose the color blue. Once you’re done coloring, cover the coloring pages with a clear vinyl adhesive sheet. This step will protect your work more firmly.

Next is to cut out the images individually. You can choose to cut all the details or the most impressive part. Finally, tape the sunshade to the window or use a ribbon to hang it. Once the solar panel is hung up, watch how the sunlight penetrates and creates a beautiful effect!

Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken Coloring Pages craft 5

Make A Ruby Gillman Puppet

This idea is very creative and exciting. First, you will print the coloring pages on cardstock and then cut out the characters along the outline.

The important next step is to color the images. Here, we will choose the image of Ruby transforming into a giant tentacle monster. You can use an air bubble bag to create tentacles. Cut out Ruby’s upper body after you colored it.

The next step is to use a bottle and place Ruby Gillman’s upper body on top of the bottle, decorating the tentacles around her like the image below. You finally have a unique puppet to recreate scenes from the movie. You can also display the puppet on your desk shelf or share it on social networks for everyone to evaluate and learn from.

Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken Coloring Pages craft 4

Decorate A Notebook Cover

This last idea is incredibly simple, even for young children. You just need to let your child color the pictures of the characters in Ruby Gillman’s Teenage Kraken.

Next, you can attach the colored image to the outside cover of the notebook. To decorate further, you can use a marker to add the desired details. You can cover the cover with a transparent adhesive layer to protect it from fading and tearing.

Remember to have fun while letting your and your child’s creativity shine using our unique Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken coloring pages. We constantly update and add designs to keep up with new trends. In particular, the coloring pages are all created by our team, so you don’t have to worry about copyright issues. Please visit our website so you don’t miss out on exciting things!

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