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Unique and free Spinosaurus coloring pages help children discover Spinosaurus in the animal world in the easiest way. Spinosaurus is a genus of carnivorous dinosaurs from North Africa, living in the Alba and Cenoman periods of the Cretaceous period, about 112 – 97 million years ago. Spinosaurus is the giant carnivorous dinosaur known today 2020 estimates put it up to 14 to 18 meters (46 to 59 ft) long and 13 to 22 tons (14 to 24 US tons). The Spinosaurus has a long, narrow skull, like a modern crocodile skull. Spinosaurus’ distinct spines were the extensions, having 1.75 meters (5.7 ft) long, and their very tall neural spines were their characteristic. Spinosaurus was not a ferocious bipedal dinosaur but a quadruped. Spinosaurus eats fish; they live like crocodiles on land and in the water.

Here are some free printable Spinosaurus coloring pages for kids of all ages. Help your kids discover more details about this unique animal by letting them color the Spinosaurus coloring page. Lots of Spinosaurus coloring sheets for kids to color unleash artistic creativity. Have fun and enjoy coloring pages now!

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