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The Genya Shinazugawa coloring pages are stunning images of an untalented and unlucky swordsman, but he is one of the bravest warriors we know. Color the demon slayer Genya Shinazugawa right now.

Shinazugawa Genya is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps; he is also the younger brother of the Wind Hashira Shinazugawa Sanemi.

Genya is relatively modest in height, with short messy hair raised to the sides, thin eyebrows, and a large scar covering most of the width of his face. He then reappears with a dirtier appearance, his height has changed dramatically, and his hair is longer than his neck. He also became muscular and had more scars than before.

Unlike other Demon Hunters, Genya cannot use Breath, so he does not usually fight with swords. In return, he owns a gun containing bullets of the same material as Nichirinto. Genya can shoot bullets very accurately at great distances. His fighting style usually hits his target in the head or neck and then uses his sword to finish them off.

Although he couldn’t become a true swordsman, Genya showed us the bravest fighting spirit. An incompetent swordsman who never trembled when faced with a superior enemy.

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