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Muichiro Tokito is a character from the anime and manga Demon Slayer. Here are Muichiro Tokito coloring pages that are free to print, own now great color sheets of the Pillar of the Demon Slayer – Tokitou Muichirou.

Muichiro is a Mist Hashira – one of the Demon Slayer’s strongest swordsmen. Tokitou Muichirou is a descendant of the Supreme Legend Kokushibou and the legendary swordsman Tsugikuni Yoriichi. He has black hair, the ends of which turn mint green. His eyes were also mint green, lifeless and empty. His face is always indifferent and uninterested in everything around him. After his brother’s death, he lost his emotions and memories. After regaining his memories, he was able to express his feelings and talk more.

Muichirou is the lowest male pillar in the Demon Slayer Corps. Despite being almost the shortest of the Pillars, Muichirou has excellent arm strength. Muichirou is a rare genius of the Demon Slayer, as he became the mainstay after only two months of wielding a sword and defeating Gyokko, a High Demonic Demon, even though he had already poisoned his body with toxins import.

Here is a collection of free Muichiro Tokito coloring pages; you can download or print your favorite coloring sheets and color them. Find more pictures of other demon hunters at Demon Slayer Coloring Pages, lots of beautiful coloring sheets are waiting for you to own. Color the demon hunters now. Have fun!

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