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Tuna Coloring Pages

Here are free printable Tuna coloring pages for kids.

Tuna, also known as humpback fish, lives in warm seas, far out in the ocean, about 185km from the shore. A tuna weighs about 40-50kg; many consider a ton.

Tuna has a lozenge-shaped body, long, slightly flattened on both sides. Two dorsal fins close together; behind the second dorsal fin, there are 8-10 auxiliary fins. Pectoral fins are relatively long, especially in young individuals. The second dorsal and anal fins are not as long as the yellowfin tuna. The scales on the body are tiny. Eyes big and very nutritious. Metallic dark blue back. The lower half of the body and belly are pale white. First dorsal fin dark yellow, second dorsal and anal fin pale yellow. Secondary fin bright yellow with black border.

Tuna has many types, such as bluefin tuna, southern bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna, albacore tuna, skipjack, and more; they have different characteristics and have economic value. The way of processing is also other.

Parents can teach children about tuna species while children color. Let children freely color and create the most beautiful and unique tuna fish.

Tuna coloring sheets are waiting for the kids to color. Have fun and be creative right now!

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