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The name of Hello Kitty is familiar with all the girls. Hello Kitty is a white kitten with the popular characteristics are a red bow in ear and a white big head without mouth. Hello kitty was popular with the famous series all over the world. However, it is not known for some countries as the kitten had spreads like a plague across the world. So they prevented them.  She was born in 1974 in London. She lives with her father, mother and twin sisters Mimmy. Her father had got a kitten - called Charmmy Kitty. 

Kitty is pretty, cheerful and warm-hearted little girl. Her hobbies are listening to music, reading, traveling and eating cakes. Her favorite food is baking cookies; however, she likes to eat a slice of Mama apple pie. Moreover, she likes many things such as: stars, sweets and goldfish. Her weight like three apples and her height like five apples tall. Her blood type is A. Everyone is cheerful and happy in her story, and her life is colorful. Now you explore fun adventures together Hello Kitty with her family. 

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